Focusing on the human side of change to streamline and improve employee adoption of new technologies, software and processes

Organisations are under continuous pressure to transform and evolve. But statistics show that a significant portion of change initiatives fail to produce their intended Return on Investment (ROI) due to lack of adoption and sustainment.

Rapid shifts in process and technology can be challenging to manage — especially when your teams may be managing not just one initiative, but a complex portfolio of change as part of a broader enterprise-wide transformation. So, how do you make change stick?

We have deep experience, technical skills and proven methodologies to guide and support you. Through staff training and ongoing support, you’ll be able to adopt new company procedures and business transformation initiatives smoothly providing a greater return on your investments.

We help you:

  • Prepare, equip and support your employees through change
  • Increase the probability of your change being on-schedule and on-budget
  • Capture people-dependent ROI by improving adoption and usage
  • Successfully manage and overcome resistance to change
  • Build long-term change competency into your organisation

Maximise the value of your digital transformation​

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Gain faster advantage of new technology within your organisation

Resistance is the biggest barrier to achieving success. You introduce new technology in your organisation and the expectation is, it will deliver the benefits promised.

How do you increase your chances of success the accelerate the returns on your investment?

Our adoption management approach is proven to deliver success. We help by understanding the context, potential resistance and benefits the new technology can deliver to your business . Defining relevant use cases and creating awareness amongst your users is the first step.

Key to any adoption programme is sponsorship within your organisation, so we help identify and engage the right sponsor to encourage adoption. And finally we stay close to your users to gather feedback and drive the appropriate corrective actions.

How it supports you:

  • Awareness of the technology benefits amongst the target users
  • Increased usage metrics
  • New use cases identified through interest from different user groups to use the technology

Delivering positive returns on your productivity applications investment

Adoption is a continuous journey if you want to improve user satisfaction and truly realise the benefits of your investment in productivity applications.

We are experts in supporting organisations to deliver continuous adoption programmes. The starting point is, identifying the business needs and goals, and aligning these to your application adoption requirements.

Assessing the current utilisation and sentiment of your users provides a foundation to identify the required outcomes and gaps that need to be addressed.

Success is measured with clearly defined KPI’s.

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We'll help you:

  • Equip your employees with the digital skills to maximise the utilisation of applications, such as Microsoft 365 applications
  • Create great user digital experiences through personalised and rewarding skills development
  • Improve hybrid working through better use of the applications

Supercharging change into your employees daily work life

Resistance to change is a natural reaction when there is a lack of knowledge and understanding within your employees. The path to a successful migration requires consistent and visible communications, with the right levels of support throughout the change.

Identifying both key benefits and potential resistance to the future solution enables a plan for successful migration to be built.

Insight’s expert consultants are masters of change, we use proven processes and activities to ensure your employees are equipped with the right level of information, at the right stage, with the right support.​

Your employees will have completed all the required actions throughout the migration, ensuring business continuity and successfully adopting the new tools.

We can help by:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your migration
  • Embed the new tools in your employees daily work
  • Accelerate the value of migration for your business
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Maximising returns on your existing investment

Optimisation should be a continuous journey because nothing stands still in business. There is always something that can be improved to bring better performance in an organisation.

How do you maximise your return on investment for technologies already in use?

Insight’s approach is to begin with assessing the current usage of technologies you have deployed. Collect existing KPI’s and measurements within your business to understand what, and how it can be improved. Armed with relevant information, we meet with key stakeholders to fully understand the real situation.

Advice and recommendations for cost optimisation can be formulated, identifying relevant use cases within your business, with strong KPI’s to make most use of your existing technologies.

Improving your ROI through:

  • Recommendations for cost optimisation opportunities
  • Recommendations for cost optimisation opportunities
  • Create dashboard ongoing tracking and monitoring of your key KPI’s

A common vision and defined actions will deliver successful change

The reasons for business process change are varied, but all are focused on driving positive improvements to survive or thrive. Fundamental to success is the context and expectations of change within the business.

Insight helps organisations through this change, building a common vision amongst all stakeholders that will be achieved through the new business processes.

By understanding the context for change, identifying pain points, any constraints and potential resistance to change enables a comprehensive plan and activities to be built.

We support organisations through delivering comprehensive planning and delivery of change management to ensure employees fully adopt new processes and the desired ways or working.

Effective change requires:

  • Stakeholder agreement on main principles for the change
  • Focused activities and deliverables to support and fully integrate user adoption
  • Harmonising ways of working with better collaboration

Delivering positive change management throughout M&A activity

Mergers, acquisitions and divestments is continuous in all industries as organisations look to achieve their business goals. But, it is probably the biggest challenge employees face from all sides of the impending transaction. Whether buying, selling or divesting, how do you support and keep employees engaged throughout the process.

Insight has deep experience in helping organisations navigate the uncertainties, from cultural change and leadership styles to adopting different technologies and processes.

We have successfully embedded cultural change, new ways of working and adoption of processes and technologies to smooth the transition and create a platform for future success.

We'll help by:

  • Improving employee’s experience
  • Accelerate user adoption of new processes and technology
  • Integration of cultural change of working for within the new structure
  • Creating effective communication and collaboration across the new entity
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