Technology to move healthcare forward

Building on a proven history of innovation, Insight and Intel power improvements in healthcare quality, access and cost. The Intel® vPro® platform — with built-in, hardware-based security and remote PC management — offers a safe, streamlined option for improving patient care.

Transformative healthcare solutions

Improve patient outcomes, streamline clinical and lab workflows, and enable connected intelligence with Insight and Intel.

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Intel vPro

PCs powered by Intel vPro improve productivity, strengthen data security and provide greater fleet management control.

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Intel Smart Edge

This powerful software portfolio offers optimized networking, security and applications for every edge.

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Next-gen telehealth

Telemedicine powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) sets a new standard of care.

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An ambitious healthcare makeover

Lane Regional Medical Center was awarded $50,000 through Insight and Intel's Connected Workplace Makeover Contest. With upgraded devices, the organization achieved ambitious security and workflow enhancements.

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Everywhere care. Everywhere technology.

As healthcare goes hybrid, you need powerful solutions for in-person and virtual appointments. Devices using Intel vPro technology (including everything from laptops to digital signage) can be managed remotely — on and off the corporate network, wired and wirelessly.

Wherever your providers are located, IT will maintain complete, remote management. And, multilayered security will keep your most sensitive healthcare data protected.

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Which PC is right for your team?

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What is a smart hospital?

Smart hospitals deploy AI, IoT, 5G networks and other technologies to deliver better patient experiences, streamline workflows and reduce costs.

Intel technologies position you to embrace future healthcare innovations as they emerge. And, with Insight specialists guiding the way, you’ll stay informed and up to date on the latest industry advances.

Are you ready to power your smart hospital?

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5 Hybrid Healthcare Must-Haves

Shifting to a hybrid healthcare system? In this article, we explore five technology must-haves to equip your healthcare professionals for success — all found on Intel Evo vPro platform PCs.

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