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Our data platform solutions ensure your analytics are accurate, actionable and secure. We’ll help you adopt technology that eliminates silos and enhances business intelligence, so you can maximize the value of your data to achieve real outcomes.

Organizations across industries rely on data for everyday operations — from serving clients better, providing quality patient care or delivering delightful shopping experiences. But data alone isn’t enough. You depend on a solution that paints a complete picture of your environment — compiling analytics from multiple sources to provide the most accurate and complete analysis.

What’s your ambition?

Adopting a modern solution starts by assessing your goals.

We’ll help you:

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Improve data visibility and flexibility.

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Simplify data systems.

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Enhance data ingestion and digestion.

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Manage data growth

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Grow competitively and

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Fill technology skills

Get impactful data faster with Insight Lens

While many organizations recognize the importance of modernizing their analytics platforms, knowing where and how to start can be a challenge. Insight Lens — our patent-pending, metadata-driven architecture solution — enables you to fast track your modern data platform initiatives with a highly templated approach and proven process.

In this two-to-four-week engagement, you’ll get tailored support from a team of experts to simplify your ingestion strategies and minimize maintenance burdens. You’ll also receive a proof of concept to showcase specific use cases of modern data platforms in your business.

Through Insight Lens, clients have:

  • Onboarded data 10X faster
  • Seen a 15% improvement in attach rate
  • Achieved $150+ million increase in expected revenue

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Client case studies

Data platform solutions are enabling organizations to do more. Discover how businesses are improving operations, enhancing efficiency and saving costs with the help of Insight.

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Data governance and security

Responsibly managing, accessing and disposing data should be key components of any modern analytics program. Without a clear data governance strategy, organizations risk inaccuracies, security vulnerabilities and noncompliance with regulatory requirements, especially as data and privacy protection laws become stricter.

Commit to a smart and strategic governance approach with our team of skilled technicians. We’ll ensure that your data is appropriately stored and protected — all while being highly accessible.

Why Insight?

Successfully modernizing your IT environment isn’t a solo job. We have the deep expertise, broad capabilities and proven processes to guide you to real results.

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